This week I will tackle the Electoral College. I am not going to make this into a deep philosophical discussion about Democracy vs. a Republic. I’m just going to point out a few facts and observations about the recent elections. What would have been the 2016 outcome if we were a true Democracy and […]

    Give Trump A Chance,Please!

    It’s now 2 1/2 weeks since Donald Trump was elected to be the next President of the United States. He didn’t even take a day off to rest after 16 months of continuous campaigning. He immediately began choosing those who would serve in his administration. I’m so very impressed!

    So what did Millenials,the […]

    I’M SPEECHLESS!!!!! –Dr Jack Sternberg,MD

    It’s Wednesday morning as I write this (I’m off to deercamp Thursday so no other time to write). Trump was just declared the new President of the United States.


    But that doesn’t mean I’m not pleased,thrilled,excited,overwhelmed and just plain happy. Especially because we don’t get Hillary Clinton as our next […]

    WITHER THE TEA PARTY by Dr Jack Sternberg,MD

    I’ve been thinking a lot (actually pondering) about the future of the Tea Party here in Garland County,throughout Arkansas and across America. I have now been the Chairman of the Garland County Tea Party for almost three years. During that time,I have seen many slow but progressive changes in our movement that concern […]

    The Motherlode

    The FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s server has uncovered the proverbial motherlode of incriminating information! This is data that has the potential of putting literally dozens of people in jail,many of them for life. This is information that makes Nixon’s Watergate scandal look like a Sunday School picnic.

    First the NYPD discovered in excess […]


    In just a week and a half the 2016 presidential election will be history. Everyone is predicting the outcome yet nobody really knows. Polls seem to change almost daily and we have no idea whether their results are valid or even honest.As I write this column about the election’s outcome,I have had to […]

    TRUST IS GONE by Dennis Prager

    You’re looking at the most political liar in American history.

    By Dennis Prager

    I have been broadcasting for 31 years and writing for longer than that. I do not recall ever saying on radio or in print that a president is doing lasting damage to our country. I did not like the presidencies […]

    What about Wikileaks?

    We have been hearing lots about “WikiLeaks”in recent months yet most of us don’t really know much of what they actually are. Here is some info on the nature of Wikileaks as well as much of the top 100 most damaging WikiLeaks. These and more can be found at: –Admin […]

    He May Be Rude,Crude,and Lewd,but He’s All We Got!

    There are a lot of people that are ready to bail on Trump. They didn’t like him much at first. I can certainly identify with that as he was not my first choice. He’s rude,he’s crude,he’s even in the past been lewd. But,since when did we ever have a perfect president? Trump […]

    Trump Is Our Rowboat?

    This may be the best and most honest political promotion statement you will ever read. It decidedly does not brush objections aside. You hate Hillary? READ it. You hate Trump? READ it. You think there’s no choice? READ it. And,read it with your grown-up hat on. We’ve all been dealt huge responsibility with this election. The first step toward accepting responsibility is accepting it,and the first step toward accepting it is recognizing it. READ THIS. Read every single word. It’ll take you about three minutes. […]