In just a week and a half the 2016 presidential election will be history.  Everyone is predicting the outcome yet nobody really knows. Polls seem to change almost daily and we have no idea whether their results are valid or even honest.As I write this column about the election’s outcome,I have had to admit something that is unusual for me;I’M SCARED! I’M WORRIED! There’s nothing I can significantly do to affect who wins and the electorate seems to be under the influence of a biased media who refuses to accurately and fairly report pertinent information concerning both presidential candidates.I’m scared and fearful for the future of the United States if Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes the President because:

    –She would be the most deceitful,lying person ever to occupy the White House.
    –She surrounds herself with advisors and followers that will do anything,legal or illegal,to further her agenda for power and financial gain.
    –She will place between one and four Supreme Court justices who will rubberstamp her liberal political agenda.
    –She will continue progressive social engineering.
    –She cannot get rid of the Second Amendment but she will do everything she can through Executive Orders and her new liberal Supreme Court to reinterpret its meaning so as to limit American’s rights to “keep and bear arms.”
    –Despite attacking the 1% rich people,she is one of the 1% and is guilty of all the evil she accuses them of committing.
    –Her major political donors are the “big” businesses she attacks. One day or on many days,they will expect to be paid back for their support.
    –She has terrible judgment when dealing with world leaders and world problems. Her previous solutions have all turned out to be disastrous for the United States and the world at large.
    –She has always been sympathetic to socialism (as long as it doesn’t apply to her) and will continue policies that undermine free markets and capitalism and will take (steal) from those who are productive and give to those that aren’t.

    –She has never run a business and has no business knowledge. Her policies toward job growth will do nothing to increase the number of American jobs and economic prosperity for all of America.
    –She has no problem with an ever-enlarging national debt.
    –She hates the military and will continue to decrease America’s ability to defend itself and worldwide liberty.
    –She favors Black Lives Matter over our dedicated Policemen and Policewomen.
    –She will play the race and gender inequality cards to keep Americans angry at each other rather than the ineffectual government she will run.
    –She will allow Obamacare to implode so she can then solve it with single payer Socialized medicine.  This has always been her desire.
    –She will continue Barack Obama’s failed policies and add many new disastrous policies of her own.

    I could go on and on but you get the idea. President Hillary Clinton’s America scares me to my core. I don’t understand those voters who don’t see or want to see her for what she is and has been. What scares me even more is that possibly she is exactly what they want.

    My wife always quotes Isaiah 5:20 – “Woe to those who call evil good,and good evil.”  It seems like we’re at such a time in our nation’s history along with another scripture from Judges 21:25,“Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

    So seems the path for the United States. I pray it’s not so but I have little faith in an American revival as I see more and more Americans turning away from God and also our core American ideals and even fewer standing up for them.

    Maybe we will get what we deserve!!!    I truly hope not.


    I remain

    Jack Sternberg,MD
    Chairman,Garland County Tea Party

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