Give Trump A Chance,Please!

    wayneIt’s now 2 1/2 weeks since Donald Trump was elected to be the next President of the United States. He didn’t even take a day off to rest after 16 months of continuous campaigning. He immediately began choosing those who would serve in his administration. I’m so very impressed!

    So what did Millenials,the media and the left do? They began violent protests in the streets,attacked him viciously in the media (TV,Radio,Print) and whined,cried and acted like spoiled children that didn’t get their way. Worst of all,none of this can possibly make any difference. He won! He’s the President of the United States (if sadly not a united people). Now,everything he is doing is immediately attacked and spun and lied about,even if good.

    Up until now those above have annoyed me but I have attempted to be objective and see them as aggressive political opponents who were locked in a battle to have their candidate(s) and their ideology win the election. Every Presidential election after George Washington was confrontational and both sides fought hard to win and used at times objectionable and dishonest tactics to gain victory. Despite what many believe,this election was no worse than many before it.

    Now,because of their continued actions,I am no longer just annoyed;I’m angry and fed up with them. Enough is enough. The election is over. Donald Trump won fair and square (according to the rules of the Constitution as set down over 240 years ago for our Constitutional Republic –many now seem to not like the fact that we are not a pure Democracy) and he will be our next President. It should be,as in the past,a time of healing and a time to allow the future President to govern the United States. If he disappoints or is ineffective,there will be plenty of time to be upset and protest and then begin the work to replace him (and others) in the next election. That has always been the American Way. It is unique throughout the world and it has worked marvelously from the beginning.

    I believe we in the Tea Party did what I just said in the past. Rick Santelli’s rant (February 19,2009) was a month after Barack Obama’s inauguration when Obama announced the bailout of bankrupt homeowners. Obama then unilaterally implemented plans for Obamacare and dramatically began raising the national debt and passing other liberal issues. He implemented what he said prior to his inauguration,that “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    We didn’t want the United States to be transformed. The first large scale protest wasn’t until the Taxpayer March on Washington on September 12,2009. It was a non-violent protest of over 300,000 individuals. The media came down hard back then on the peaceful Tea Party protest but now encourages these latest protests which are far from peaceful. Do they not comprehend their double standard or is it intentional and they just don’t care?

    The media highlights a few negative actions by Trump supporters but ignores the much more prevalent violence agains those who voted for Trump. Their duplicity is overwhelming.

    Contrast this with violent,destructive protests across the country in multiple cities beginning the day after the election. These protests were full of hatred for the newly elected President. How Un-American! How hypocritical! Those who previously had accused Trump of hate and bigotry were manifesting the worse form of hatred and bigotry against Trump and those Americans who had voted for Trump. And over 50% of those protesting hadn’t even voted.

    The left leaning,liberal mainstream media (but I repeat myself) wasted no time in attacking everything Trump was doing along with future Vice President Pence. They claimed his transition team was in disarray and inefficient despite his early choices for government positions being announced weeks ahead of just about all previous President elect’s choices.

    The media immediately attacked his picks and have gone out of their way to find fault,no matter how minor,with each person he’s chosen. They seemed surprised and shocked that he would chose strong conservatives to fill positions (how dare he?). Conservatives that believed in the political positions Trump ran on and that people wanted as manifest by them voting for Trump.

    As I listened to those who oppose Trump and his choices,I seem to sense one common theme. It is not one that they publicly articulate but I believe it comes down to this.


    Immigration laws will be enforced,the border will be secured and sanctuary cities will be punished if they don’t comply with Federal Law. (Isn’t that a radical idea –he wants all Americans and state and local governments to follow the law)! Trade deals will be enforced,renegotiated and cheating will not be allowed. Leaders with outstanding credentials,who aren’t afraid to express their opinions even if it conflicts with their Commander in Chief,will lead the military. The Department of Justice and the FBI will function the way they are supposed to function. There will be justice for all and no one will be above the law. And so much more.

    Our President and Secretary of State will not be apologizing for America. The United States has done more to advance civilization and human rights throughout the world than any other country in world history. Political correctness is over and common sense and straightforwardness from our President will be the prevailing governing style. I expect it will drive the left nuts because he will call them out for who they are;especially the media. And just like in everyone’s personal life,if you act as my enemy,you will be treated as my enemy.

    I’ve always loved the characters that the late John Wayne played in all his movies. My guess is that us deplorables who voted for Trump somehow see Trump as being like those characters. He and his characters were honest,hard working,unwilling to be wronged or insulted,not afraid to do or say what was right and necessary no matter the consequences. Above all,his characters as well as himself,always loved America and were true patriots. As with Trump,the “Duke”believed he lived in the greatest country in the world and it was worth fighting for.

    Those who are for Trump ultimately see him as our much needed champion. We hope he lives up to our expectations;only time will tell. If he does,my hope and prayer is that those who presently oppose Trump will one day appreciate him for the job he has done as President of all those in the United States. The actor Tom Hanks said it so well when he said in front of a liberal Hollywood audience,“I hope Trump does so well that I vote for his re-election.”

    No matter who you are,it’s time to give President-elect Donald Trump a chance. He earned it.


    I remain


    Jack Sternberg,MD Chairman,Garland County Tea Party

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