By Dr Jack Sternberg,MD

    I don’t know about you but I am more and more getting annoyed and angry at the actions of those who didn’t vote for President Donald Trump. Not because they didn’t vote for him but because their behavior following the election and inauguration is appalling;bordering on evil. Their responses are infantile and irresponsible. They preach tolerance but they are intolerant of anything or anybody who disagrees with them. They tolerate noting but themselves. This includes individuals,groups,the media and Democratic politicians.

    Just some glaring examples:

    1) There were protesters in the streets in multiple cities immediately after the election. I’m sorry but their candidate lost. That’s how it is after every election. There is a winner and a loser going back to the time of the second Presidential election. Prior to this election,the group or political party whose candidate lost accepted it,maybe unhappily but moved on.   
    2) The Mainstream Media labeled many as protestors. Protesting is an American right and privilege. But,when you overturn and burn cars and break windows,you are now a rioter and deserve to be jailed. If you steal from stores,you are a thief;a looter and you deserve to be incarcerated. There needs to be punishment for this type of behavior. If not,why stop? There’s no price to pay.
    3) The Mainstream Media and President Obama denigrated those who “clung to their guns and religion.” Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “deplorables.” They labeled them dangerous and full of hate. You want to experience hate? Just go to some of these recent rallies. Read the signs. Listened to the cursing and the use of bad language. Listen to what the speakers say in their speeches. I’ve never seen such hate. Such hypocrisy!
    4) The left screams that they have the right of Freedom of Speech. And so they have because they live in this wonderful country. But then they turn around and deny others who disagree with them Freedom of Speech. Try being a conservative or a conservative speaker on a college campus. You will either have your speech canceled or protestors will not allow you to actually speak.  Again,very dangerous hypocrisy!
    5) How about the anti-gun advocates. Some of the most vocal are television and movie stars who are against guns (at least for the average American) yet they have gun carrying security for themselves. How about they have no problem acting in movies or TV shows where they use guns excessively to kill (the good or bad guys). They’re ok with acting as gun-toting,gun shooting action hero figures as long as they make money doing so. It was recently reported that guns sales had decreased among conservatives but had been increasing among liberals. Again,the hypocrisy of them.
    6) The Mainstream Media’s double standard when it comes to statements made by black Conservatives vs. Liberals. Last week,CNN’s analyst,Professor Marc Lamont Hill,called those black men who visited with the President-elect Donald Trump a bunch of “mediocre negroes.” And not a negative word was said about this “racist” statement by any on the left. Yet,if a black conservative speaks conservatively,he is called “an Uncle Tom” and much worse. The left is just nasty while claiming those on the right are the nasty ones and the rarely ever seem to be able or willing to see themselves for what they are.
    7) The left loves to talk about the Rights use of “Fake News” as if they are innocent as the new born baby. In the past,“Fake News” was just called what it was. Lies and Propaganda that came from governments. Now it comes from the Media that is complicit with the previous left leaning,President Obama led,U.S. government. In just the last few days,the story about Martin Luther King’s bust being removed from the oval office by President Trump despite it being right there. Or the pictures of the people or lack of people at Trump’s inauguration. Using photos before everyone arrived showing empty spaces while later pictures showing these spaces as fully full.
    8)Let me point out the double standard of the Main Stream Media of how the children of presidents are treated. In the past,they were left alone and if not,the reporter paid a price. When President Obama’s daughter’s,Sasha and Malia,were negatively written about by a GOP Hill staffer named Elizabeth Lauten,that reporter was immediately fired. But not with those claiming Trump’s son Barron is autistic or calling him a potential animal mutilator and murderer. Where’s the outcry from the media?    
    9) I could go on and on but my last example of hypocrisy is the how the Republicans were constantly chastised by the media for being obstructionist during Obama’s presidency. But not a word by the media when the Democrats,led by Chuck Schumer,are openly and verbally being just as obstructionists,if not more,towards President Trump’s cabinet choices and his future programs and choices. And they even brag about it.

    I have to admit that I am worried about the future of the interactions between the right and the left. I doubt the recent demonstrations (such as the women’s march) are going to have a positive effect. Those on the right are increasingly antagonized by these demonstrations. I also see anarchist groups on the left,possibly funded by outsiders,who desire physical confrontations with those on the right and even law enforcement. They may intentionally push them so far that they will get what they desire. Then all hell will break loose.

    In the end,PRAY FOR AMERICA.  It really is our only hope.


    I remain

    Jack Sternberg,MD
    Chairman Emeritus,Garland County Tea Party


    • I concur in most. However,your comment,“because their behavior following the election and inauguration is appalling;bordering on evil.”That is a vast understatement! This behavior is beyond “bordering on”,it is pure evil plain and simple. Total lies and distortions punctuated by vandalism,assault,arson,and looting are the order of the day perpetuated by George Soros’s paid “protesters”and the “useful idiots”that tag along with them. The “in your face”verbal attacks of their spokespersons are the voice of evil.

      The misdeeds of the inauguration day were duplicated and expanded with the nasty women’s march the following day. One of their leaders is a woman that was convicted of abducting,torturing,and eventually killing a man a number of years ago. Pure evil in their leadership! They left tons and tons of garbage,filth and trash behind them that takes our tax dollars to clean up. Most had no idea why they were there,or how they had been slighted by Trump or how a successful result of their protests would help anyone. This is typical of today’s left. I had one woman comment to me last Sunday that the Women’s march was so bad she was embarrassed to be identified as sharing their same sex.

      Unfortunately this is not limited to opposition to Trump. The left takes every opportunity to smear any conservative action or individual personally. If you voted for Trump you are subject to assault. If you watch Fox News you are scum. If you oppose free looting days you are vile. If you think people should have the means to protect themselves they issue death threats. Today it is increasingly difficult to get qualified people to run for political office because they don’t want their family to be subjected to the vile slanderous comments or threats by the media and the opposition.

      I cheer Melania Trumps victory in her current lawsuit against the left wing blogger that reported her as a “high end escort”(prostitute) last summer. I hope she wins! These actions should be treated as the pure evil they are!