I’M DISGUSTED!!! –Dr Jack Sturnburg,MD

    How has the United States of America dissolved into a country of blatant hate and vile behavior? Despite what the left says,I’m not talking about the conservative right that they love to so often and continuously accuse. I’m talking about the progressive,liberal socialistic left that knows no bounds when it comes to despicable behavior,accusations,lies,propaganda and abominable speech. These folks no longer have any shame or civility

    There was a time,not long ago,that I enjoyed watching television,reading newspapers and magazines and listening to various points of view concerning government and politics. Whether it was news,opinion journalists or routine television series,I found myself entertained and at times even stimulated to think and even get involved. Despite the 18+ months long lead up to the election,it too was even somewhat entertaining,if not too long. All of that entertainment has collapsed since the election. The disintegration of objectivity and respect started before November 8th,2016,but not nearly as bad or as much it is now.

    In the past,every time the government and ruling political party changes following an election,one party is thrilled and the other party is sad. That’s our normal orderly transition of power,which has occurred since the beginning of the United States. The losing party picks up the pieces and tries to figure out what went wrong and hopes that they can change the electorate’s choices during the next 2-4 years. All that changed with the election of Donald Trump even though many aspects of their behavior were present towards earlier Presidents such as Reagan and the Bushes. The losing party’s behavior was not as immediate,overt and downright nasty and evil. The post-election vitriol has reached levels never seen or heard before in the history of our country.

    To make my point,when was the last time?

    That there were protests in the streets of many cities against an appropriately elected President before he even was sworn into office,or for that matter,routinely afterwards?

    That political protestors routinely turned violent as they were protesting?

    That speakers at political rallies used profanity when speaking to the crowds of demonstrators and publicly talked about harming the President,the White House,police and those in government?

    That a President was attacked for absolutely everything he says or does? He is routinely accused of being worse than Hitler and of being a fascist by people who are acting like jack booted thugs and actual fascists.

    That people called for the impeachment of a President who hadn’t yet even taken office and had not committed any “high crimes and misdemeanors?”

    That a President was routinely viciously mocked on multiple television shows? That actors and actresses routinely,rather than rarely,gave long diatribes at awards shows attacking the President,both personally and for his policies. When was it that a President was openly and frequently accused of mental illness?

    That a President’s wife and child were belittled and hateful accusations hurled at them and few people seemed to care or even be offended?

    That a President’s choices for cabinet positions were essentially 100% opposed and delayed just to be obstructionalists? And then they accused the President of not getting things done despite their causing him not to have the people in place to lead government departments.

    That the media,whether it is TV,the Internet or written newspapers,has been so lopsided in its reporting and analysis? Instead of objectively reporting the news,they’re making the news;whether verifiable or invented.

    That those within government are repeatedly leaking classified information about the President to hurt him and his administration? Leaks that amount to felonies and worse;treason?

    That the President is accused of wanting to get rid of the 1st Amendment Freedom of the Press when it’s obvious all he wants is the press to report fairly and not be part of and working for the opposition party?

    That those who scream and insist on tolerance are the most intolerant of anyone not agreeing with them?

    That those yelling the loudest for Freedom of Speech are the ones who violently are denying others they disagree with their rights of Freedom of Speech? Sadly,this is most prevalent on college campuses where the exchange of ideas should be paramount.

    That friends and even family members have stopped talking to each other because their political ideological beliefs have become so separated?

    And I haven’t even scratched the surface!

    So,I’m disgusted and I will bet that many of you are also equally appalled. The worse part is that outside of publicly supporting President Donald Trump,there is little anyone can do so stop this deterioration of American society. I also anticipate that even if and when his policies improve the economy,America’s standing around the globe and the peace and stability of the world,the left will continue to attack him,just as they did during the entire eight years of President Reagan’s presidency.

    I would love to stop watching and analyzing what’s going on in politics. But,just like someone addicted to alcohol or drugs,I just can’t seem to give up my addiction. I know I would be happier but the withdrawal symptoms would be unbearable as would be my boredom.

    I remain

    Jack Sternberg,MD
    Chairman Emeritus,Garland County Tea Party

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