The Star Spangled President –Dr Jack Sternberg MD

    I was watching Fox News Monday night,Memorial Day. They were showing multiple examples of different ceremonies around the country representing how our fallen veterans were being honored.

    But one short segment stuck out in my mind. It was President Donald Trump,General Mattis (in civilian attire) and a uniformed military man on the screen. All three were at first quietly standing at attention. The Star Spangled Banner began to play. And then I saw something I don’t remember ever seeing before.

    There was President Trump enthusiastically and energetically singing the National Anthem. I called for my wife Marilyn to also see it. We both were emotionally touched by what we were watching. A President who was not embarrassed or ashamed to show his love for America. A President who acted like a patriot when it comes to his country. A President who is not an elitist,too ashamed to show emotion,but a man of the people who we “deplorables” admire for acting like one of us.

    My wife and I saw this simple expression of love of country as symbolic of what he stands for and how he views America.

    But then,as I was looking for a video clip of the three of them standing together (see top of article),I was appalled to see how the liberal left perceived the same image and what they wrote. Below is just a tiny sampling of their perceptions and opinions.

    “Trump theatrically singing the national anthem like a 1st grader while Mattis looks like he’s about to cry …in rage and disgust,”one person tweeted while another wrote,“He was dancing and singing to himself. It was a show about Trump. He looked like an idiot.”

    “Um,Trump singing the wrong words &out of tune IS giving the anthem the finger!:)”

    “He forgot half of the words! Trump is such an egotistical attention seeker always trying to “one-up”everyone,but just makes himself an ass!”

    “As trump bops his way during a solemn ceremony,singing and making an idiot out of himself,I am embarrassed for this country. Beyond sad.”


    I remain

    Jack Sternberg,MD
    Chairman Emeritus,Garland County Tea Party

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    • John Emmons

      People are showing us the most openly evil actions since the run up to WW II. Evil is galloping in every direction with otherwise intelligent people preaching evils message . It is simply astonishing!