The Star Spangled President –Dr Jack Sternberg MD

    I was watching Fox News Monday night,Memorial Day. They were showing multiple examples of different ceremonies around the country representing how our fallen veterans were being honored.

    But one short segment stuck out in my mind. It was President Donald Trump,General Mattis (in civilian attire) and a uniformed military man on the screen. All three were at first quietly standing at attention. The Star Spangled Banner began to play. And then I saw something I don’t remember ever seeing before.

    There was President Trump enthusiastically and energetically singing the National Anthem. I called for my wife Marilyn to also see it. We both were emotionally touched by what we were watching. A President who was not embarrassed or ashamed to show his love for America. A President who acted like a patriot when it comes to his country. A President who is not an elitist,too ashamed to show emotion,but a man of the people who we “deplorables” admire for acting like one of us.

    My wife and I saw this simple expression of love of country as symbolic of what he stands for and how he views America.

    But then,as I was looking for a video clip of the three of them standing together (see top of article),I was appalled to see how the liberal left perceived the same image and what they wrote. Below is just a tiny sampling of their perceptions and opinions.

    “Trump theatrically singing the national anthem like a 1st grader while Mattis looks like he’s about to cry …in rage and disgust,”one person tweeted while another wrote,“He was dancing and singing to himself. It was a show about Trump. He looked like an idiot.”

    “Um,Trump singing the wrong words &out of tune IS giving the anthem the finger!:)”

    “He forgot half of the words! Trump is such an egotistical attention seeker always trying to “one-up”everyone,but just makes himself an ass!”

    “As trump bops his way during a solemn ceremony,singing and making an idiot out of himself,I am embarrassed for this country. Beyond sad.”


    I remain

    Jack Sternberg,MD
    Chairman Emeritus,Garland County Tea Party

    I’M DISGUSTED!!! –Dr Jack Sturnburg,MD

    How has the United States of America dissolved into a country of blatant hate and vile behavior? Despite what the left says,I’m not talking about the conservative right that they love to so often and continuously accuse. I’m talking about the progressive,liberal socialistic left that knows no bounds when it comes to despicable behavior,accusations,lies,propaganda and abominable speech. These folks no longer have any shame or civility

    There was a time,not long ago,that I enjoyed watching television,reading newspapers and magazines and listening to various points of view concerning government and politics. Whether it was news,opinion journalists or routine television series,I found myself entertained and at times even stimulated to think and even get involved. Despite the 18+ months long lead up to the election,it too was even somewhat entertaining,if not too long. All of that entertainment has collapsed since the election. The disintegration of objectivity and respect started before November 8th,2016,but not nearly as bad or as much it is now.

    In the past,every time the government and ruling political party changes following an election,one party is thrilled and the other party is sad. That’s our normal orderly transition of power,which has occurred since the beginning of the United States. The losing party picks up the pieces and tries to figure out what went wrong and hopes that they can change the electorate’s choices during the next 2-4 years. All that changed with the election of Donald Trump even though many aspects of their behavior were present towards earlier Presidents such as Reagan and the Bushes. The losing party’s behavior was not as immediate,overt and downright nasty and evil. The post-election vitriol has reached levels never seen or heard before in the history of our country.

    To make my point,when was the last time?

    That there were protests in the streets of many cities against an appropriately elected President before he even was sworn into office,or for that matter,routinely afterwards?

    That political protestors routinely turned violent as they were protesting?

    That speakers at political rallies used profanity when speaking to the crowds of demonstrators and publicly talked about harming the President,the White House,police and those in government?

    That a President was attacked for absolutely everything he says or does? He is routinely accused of being worse than Hitler and of being a fascist by people who are acting like jack booted thugs and actual fascists.

    That people called for the impeachment of a President who hadn’t yet even taken office and had not committed any “high crimes and misdemeanors?”

    That a President was routinely viciously mocked on multiple television shows? That actors and actresses routinely,rather than rarely,gave long diatribes at awards shows attacking the President,both personally and for his policies. When was it that a President was openly and frequently accused of mental illness?

    That a President’s wife and child were belittled and hateful accusations hurled at them and few people seemed to care or even be offended?

    That a President’s choices for cabinet positions were essentially 100% opposed and delayed just to be obstructionalists? And then they accused the President of not getting things done despite their causing him not to have the people in place to lead government departments.

    That the media,whether it is TV,the Internet or written newspapers,has been so lopsided in its reporting and analysis? Instead of objectively reporting the news,they’re making the news;whether verifiable or invented.

    That those within government are repeatedly leaking classified information about the President to hurt him and his administration? Leaks that amount to felonies and worse;treason?

    That the President is accused of wanting to get rid of the 1st Amendment Freedom of the Press when it’s obvious all he wants is the press to report fairly and not be part of and working for the opposition party?

    That those who scream and insist on tolerance are the most intolerant of anyone not agreeing with them?

    That those yelling the loudest for Freedom of Speech are the ones who violently are denying others they disagree with their rights of Freedom of Speech? Sadly,this is most prevalent on college campuses where the exchange of ideas should be paramount.

    That friends and even family members have stopped talking to each other because their political ideological beliefs have become so separated?

    And I haven’t even scratched the surface!

    So,I’m disgusted and I will bet that many of you are also equally appalled. The worse part is that outside of publicly supporting President Donald Trump,there is little anyone can do so stop this deterioration of American society. I also anticipate that even if and when his policies improve the economy,America’s standing around the globe and the peace and stability of the world,the left will continue to attack him,just as they did during the entire eight years of President Reagan’s presidency.

    I would love to stop watching and analyzing what’s going on in politics. But,just like someone addicted to alcohol or drugs,I just can’t seem to give up my addiction. I know I would be happier but the withdrawal symptoms would be unbearable as would be my boredom.

    I remain

    Jack Sternberg,MD
    Chairman Emeritus,Garland County Tea Party


    Printed below is a response I received on Facebook to a discussion I was having concerning illegal immigrants,refugees and President Trump’s executive orders.
    Jack Sternberg MD:

    Take a look at the percentages of people who identify as Christians and then take a look at the percentages of those who identify as Christians and actually attend church regularly.‬

    ‪Because it’s very easy to call yourself a Christian and then turn around and behave in a manner in which Christ would never have behaved.

    ‪The majority of churches from my experience and the experience of others whom I know who go to church every week is that they are about LOVE. And that is the antithesis of Trump and his supporters.‬

    I hear this argument often when a debater wants to shut you up and stop the discussion. “How can you be so Anti-Christ in your argument,so uncaring,uncompassionate and unloving,” they say?  They stress that Christ is love and then proceed to lecture you about how they believe Christ would act towards illegal immigrants and refugees. If I can be so bold,I wish to reply theologically to what they believe since they use their “limited and selective” theology to support their position. I apologize for those reading this newsletter who aren’t Christians but this is a Christian response to a Christian accuser of the brethren.
    Yes,Christ is love. But,since we as Christians also believe He is God;He also has all the other attributes of God that so many seem to forget or ignore in their discussions. He is also the same God of the Old Testament and New Testament and hasn’t changed (we call that attribute –Immutable).
    So,to list a few points,I will begin with refugees:
    Throughout the Old Testament,Israel and Judea fought hard keep the Promised Land ethnically and religiously pure and for the Jewish people,just as God had commanded. Those peoples surrounding their country were never invited in to partake of God’s blessings in Israel and Judea. Individual sojourners (foreigners) were to be treated well but this didn’t imply Israel should desire to receive vast numbers of foreigners. If anything it’s just the opposite. And it just so happens that there are actually two different Hebrew words for legal and illegal immigrants (“immigrants” and “aliens”) in the Old Testament Law. Every time the Jewish people were influenced by foreigners (goyim = non-Jews),near and far,their faith suffered,as did their desire to follow the God of Judaism leading to their repeated exiles and destructions.
    Samaritans,even though half Jewish,were still treated as outsiders and shunned. Jesus was kind to the Samaritan women at the well but possibly this was because she looked forward to the Messiah of Israel and had faith in Him.
    I see no evidence that Jesus Himself ever encouraged anyone (in this case Gentiles = Pagans) to come to Israel nor made any mention that outsiders were welcome in Israel. Those foreigners in Israel over the centuries were there by force (such as the Babylonians,Medo-Persians,Greeks and now Romans) and not by the “goodness” of the Jewish people towards immigrants.
    So,I find it hard to make the case that Christians biblically should favor “unlimited” acceptance of refugees,especially from foreign cultures that might harm America.
    Now,let’s discuss illegal aliens and how Jesus might have responded.
    Let me start by saying that we know Jesus believed “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” Luke 20:25. In other words,you are to follow the rules and laws of the country you’re living in as long as it doesn’t break God’s Law. He never broke any Roman laws despite what His accusers claimed.
    Next,God is also a God of Justice (besides Love) and He requires Justice. Also,God hates Sin.  Breaking the Laws of a country is Sin in God’s eyes. Justice requires a price be paid for any illegality (Sin).
    Illegally crossing the border and entering a country is breaking the law of that country (Sin). Living in a country that you didn’t enter as a legal immigrant is breaking the country’s law (Sin).
    So,I ask the question. Would Jesus tell foreigners it is OK to cross the border illegally into America or encourage them to do so and then to continue to reside in America illegally?  I don’t see Jesus as condoning that illegal,sinful behavior (while yet still loving the immigrant who has sinned).
    So what would I expect Jesus to recommend to those who are here illegally? I believe the answer can be found in the New Testament in the Letter To Philemon written by the Apostle Paul. Since Paul’s writings are believed to be inspired by the Holy Spirit,I believe his advice therefore is the advice that Jesus would give today to those in illegality.
    In Paul’s letter,Onesimus was a slave who ran away from his owner,a Christian Believer named Philemon (by running away in that society he broke the Roman law = Sin). Onesimus later became a believing Christian and became a close associate of the Apostle Paul. When Paul discovered what Onesimus had done,he urged him to return to his owner because that was the correct thing to do and Onesimus did just that. (I am in no way endorsing slavery but that was the society and laws 2000 years ago and is integral to the story and especially to Paul’s recommendation).
    So here is my conclusion. Yes,Jesus is love and loves illegal immigrants. But his other attributes such as Justice dictates that a person follow a country’s law and if they don’t,that is the equivalent of Sin. Based upon Paul exhorting Onesimus to return to Philemon,I believe Jesus would tell all illegal immigrants that they need to return to Mexico or whatever country they illegally came from and then reapply legally. That would be the Christian thing to do according to Jesus.
    WWJD – What Would Jesus Do?    He would tell illegals to return to their country and as He said to the adulterous woman,“Sin No More.”

    Addendum:The purpose of this opinion piece was to address the accusation that “loving Christians”should not be against Syrian refugees and unlimited,open border immigration. I find this too simplistic and not theologically accurate.
    Speaking for myself,I actually don’t expect or desire all illegal aliens to be deported. I do expect those who have committed criminal acts to be deported as is presently being done under existing laws by the Trump administration. 
    I believe in reality it would be essentially impossible to deport those millions who have lived here for years and who have not caused problems.  But yet,they did break the law to get here and remain here. I contend a compromise solution would be for them to become legal (as long as they don’t become criminal in the future) and pay income taxes,get a social security number and pay FICA and all else other Americans are responsible for (in essence,get a Green card and be treated as a permanent residents). But,because they came here illegally,they can never become citizens and never vote.  They get all the other privileges of America and its protections,just not the right to vote.
    Now many from the right and the left can attack me for that position. That’s usually what happens when you’re reasonable.

    I remain

    Jack Sternberg,MD
    Chairman Emeritus,Garland County Tea Party


    This week I will tackle the Electoral College. I am not going to make this into a deep philosophical discussion about Democracy vs. a Republic. I’m just going to point out a few facts and observations about the recent elections. What would have been the 2016 outcome if we were a true Democracy and the Electoral College didn’t exist?Looking at the first picture below,it becomes very obvious that six states,California,Texas,Florida,Illinois,Ohio and New York have so much population as to essentially determine every next president. Why would candidates even bother to go to any other states to try to win votes? The other 44 states would become relatively insignificant in choosing future presidents. The will of the people living in those six states would dictate how the rest of the country has to be governed and how we would all live.
    Now look at the map of the voting pattern,county by county,for the entire country. The red represents Republican majorities and the blue represents Democrat county majorities. What you find is that outside of the big population cities,this country is overwhelmingly Republican (?Conservative,not Liberal). Yet,if the president was elected by a one person,one vote democracy,the big cities (and big populous states) would always determine the President and the ruling political party. In addition,since those cities and states continue to grow in population, their influence would only increase. Would this be fair to the rest of the country?
    At this point in my discussion,a liberal (Democrat) reading this would most likely find no fault in letting the majority rule. We conservatives (or at least me –I don’t speak for all conservatives or all in the Tea Party) might look at it differently. Just to give a few quotes towards my point:”Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”H. L. Mencken

    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”Winston Churchill (do you remember the repeated street interviews with Jesse Watters and Jay Leno?)

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on,the majority always votes for the candidates promising them the most benefits from the public treasury,with the result that a democracy always collapses over a loss of fiscal responsibility,always followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world’s great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years.  (Alexander Fraser Tytler,Alexis de Tocqueville,or someone else – no one is sure).

    I wish it wasn’t so concerning democracies but history bears out that voter self-serving (among other reasons) is why a pure democracy eventually fails. Our brilliant founding Fathers were wise enough to understand the problem and put the Electoral College into place.

    So,I guess my simplistic argument for the continued need for an Electoral College comes down to large scale voter ignorance about the issues, voter self-serving and also vastly different lifestyles and beliefs in different states across our diverse country. This is why I,for the country as a whole, at the national level,prefer the Electoral College over a direct Democracy.

    (But not necessariy at the state level. Each individual state is presently governed as a direct Democracy as chosen by a majority of the state’s voters in local,statewide and Congressional elections.  Therefore, each state can govern itself as it chooses as long as it doesn’t conflict with Federal law. This form of government [?Federalism] doesn’t necessarily force me in one state to live like you in another state if my state chooses to live differently. Yet we all remain part of the greater United States of America).

    Finally,as long as the majority of states remain Red,we don’t have to worry about the Blue states having any chance to pass a Constitutional Amendment to do away with the Electoral College since it would require 38 states to pass the Amendment. By how they voted for the President,there are only 19 blue states vs. 31 red states. The Electoral College is safe for now and the near future.

    I remain

    Jack Sternberg,MD
    Chairman,Garland County Tea Party

    Give Trump A Chance,Please!

    wayneIt’s now 2 1/2 weeks since Donald Trump was elected to be the next President of the United States. He didn’t even take a day off to rest after 16 months of continuous campaigning. He immediately began choosing those who would serve in his administration. I’m so very impressed!

    So what did Millenials,the media and the left do? They began violent protests in the streets,attacked him viciously in the media (TV,Radio,Print) and whined,cried and acted like spoiled children that didn’t get their way. Worst of all,none of this can possibly make any difference. He won! He’s the President of the United States (if sadly not a united people). Now,everything he is doing is immediately attacked and spun and lied about,even if good.

    Up until now those above have annoyed me but I have attempted to be objective and see them as aggressive political opponents who were locked in a battle to have their candidate(s) and their ideology win the election. Every Presidential election after George Washington was confrontational and both sides fought hard to win and used at times objectionable and dishonest tactics to gain victory. Despite what many believe,this election was no worse than many before it.

    Now,because of their continued actions,I am no longer just annoyed;I’m angry and fed up with them. Enough is enough. The election is over. Donald Trump won fair and square (according to the rules of the Constitution as set down over 240 years ago for our Constitutional Republic –many now seem to not like the fact that we are not a pure Democracy) and he will be our next President. It should be,as in the past,a time of healing and a time to allow the future President to govern the United States. If he disappoints or is ineffective,there will be plenty of time to be upset and protest and then begin the work to replace him (and others) in the next election. That has always been the American Way. It is unique throughout the world and it has worked marvelously from the beginning.

    I believe we in the Tea Party did what I just said in the past. Rick Santelli’s rant (February 19,2009) was a month after Barack Obama’s inauguration when Obama announced the bailout of bankrupt homeowners. Obama then unilaterally implemented plans for Obamacare and dramatically began raising the national debt and passing other liberal issues. He implemented what he said prior to his inauguration,that “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    We didn’t want the United States to be transformed. The first large scale protest wasn’t until the Taxpayer March on Washington on September 12,2009. It was a non-violent protest of over 300,000 individuals. The media came down hard back then on the peaceful Tea Party protest but now encourages these latest protests which are far from peaceful. Do they not comprehend their double standard or is it intentional and they just don’t care?

    The media highlights a few negative actions by Trump supporters but ignores the much more prevalent violence agains those who voted for Trump. Their duplicity is overwhelming.

    Contrast this with violent,destructive protests across the country in multiple cities beginning the day after the election. These protests were full of hatred for the newly elected President. How Un-American! How hypocritical! Those who previously had accused Trump of hate and bigotry were manifesting the worse form of hatred and bigotry against Trump and those Americans who had voted for Trump. And over 50% of those protesting hadn’t even voted.

    The left leaning,liberal mainstream media (but I repeat myself) wasted no time in attacking everything Trump was doing along with future Vice President Pence. They claimed his transition team was in disarray and inefficient despite his early choices for government positions being announced weeks ahead of just about all previous President elect’s choices.

    The media immediately attacked his picks and have gone out of their way to find fault,no matter how minor,with each person he’s chosen. They seemed surprised and shocked that he would chose strong conservatives to fill positions (how dare he?). Conservatives that believed in the political positions Trump ran on and that people wanted as manifest by them voting for Trump.

    As I listened to those who oppose Trump and his choices,I seem to sense one common theme. It is not one that they publicly articulate but I believe it comes down to this.


    Immigration laws will be enforced,the border will be secured and sanctuary cities will be punished if they don’t comply with Federal Law. (Isn’t that a radical idea –he wants all Americans and state and local governments to follow the law)! Trade deals will be enforced,renegotiated and cheating will not be allowed. Leaders with outstanding credentials,who aren’t afraid to express their opinions even if it conflicts with their Commander in Chief,will lead the military. The Department of Justice and the FBI will function the way they are supposed to function. There will be justice for all and no one will be above the law. And so much more.

    Our President and Secretary of State will not be apologizing for America. The United States has done more to advance civilization and human rights throughout the world than any other country in world history. Political correctness is over and common sense and straightforwardness from our President will be the prevailing governing style. I expect it will drive the left nuts because he will call them out for who they are;especially the media. And just like in everyone’s personal life,if you act as my enemy,you will be treated as my enemy.

    I’ve always loved the characters that the late John Wayne played in all his movies. My guess is that us deplorables who voted for Trump somehow see Trump as being like those characters. He and his characters were honest,hard working,unwilling to be wronged or insulted,not afraid to do or say what was right and necessary no matter the consequences. Above all,his characters as well as himself,always loved America and were true patriots. As with Trump,the “Duke”believed he lived in the greatest country in the world and it was worth fighting for.

    Those who are for Trump ultimately see him as our much needed champion. We hope he lives up to our expectations;only time will tell. If he does,my hope and prayer is that those who presently oppose Trump will one day appreciate him for the job he has done as President of all those in the United States. The actor Tom Hanks said it so well when he said in front of a liberal Hollywood audience,“I hope Trump does so well that I vote for his re-election.”

    No matter who you are,it’s time to give President-elect Donald Trump a chance. He earned it.


    I remain


    Jack Sternberg,MD Chairman,Garland County Tea Party

    I’M SPEECHLESS!!!!! –Dr Jack Sternberg,MD

    It’s Wednesday morning as I write this (I’m off to deercamp Thursday so no other time to write). Trump was just declared the new President of the United States.


    But that doesn’t mean I’m not pleased,thrilled,excited,overwhelmed and just plain happy. Especially because we don’t get Hillary Clinton as our next president.

    It is way too early to try to analyze what this means for the Tea Party and ultimately for America. But I answered someone this morning when I received the following:

    Can you believe the election?

    I answered:True Americans saved America!!

    I am now worried about what Trump will do! I guess old people are hard to please.

    I answered:Actually I’m not worried. I think he will be a great and surprising president like President Reagan was.

    So,that sums up my personal prognostication for a Trump presidency.

    For the next week I won’t have newspapers or television and will just be enjoying deercamp fellowship and God’s magnificent creation as I sit for hours in the woods. It’s time to just relax and savor our victory. Plenty of time in the future to write about the issues. So,good chance there won’t be a newsletter next week. Please forgive me. I will return.


    I remain

    Jack Sternberg,MD
    Chairman,Garland County Tea Party

    WITHER THE TEA PARTY by Dr Jack Sternberg,MD

    I’ve been thinking a lot (actually pondering) about the future of the Tea Party here in Garland County,throughout Arkansas and across America. I have now been the Chairman of the Garland County Tea Party for almost three years. During that time,I have seen many slow but progressive changes in our movement that concern me.

    I may be responsible,due to my leadership or lack of,for some of these changes but not the most significant or the majority. Why do I say this? It is because I have seen the same changes happening throughout the other Tea Parties of Arkansas and even nationally.

    There has been an overall deterioration in the numbers of people who participate and in our overall enthusiasm level. This has translated into a progressive degree of apathy despite the upcoming election. The Tea Party has barely been involved with or has influenced the 2016 election.

    Why has this happened? In my opinion,some reasons may include:

    In 2009 when the Tea Party started,the problems were very specific (the stimulus,Obamacare,housing/mortgage industry crisis and collapse,the Great Recession) compared to the recent general,unchanging,chronic problems. In the past,we identified and grabbed hold of each problem and then offered and worked to implement solutions. We no longer are so focused. We speak in generalities rather than specifics.

    In the beginning,people came out in great numbers to protest. They were actively involved. They were angry and maybe a little scared at what they perceived to be the deterioration of America and our way of life. Today,fewer and fewer Tea Party people have maintained their level of activism and fewer and fewer people are even available. Some of this may just be due to our original group being seven years older and more tired. Many have dropped out. Their numbers have not been replenished with new members or younger people. Many have just lost interest.

    We as a group accomplished much. We made the country aware of many of the problems facing America. We got many of our candidates elected to office. Despite this,little changed. Many of our candidates,once in office,disappointed us and those that didn’t,didn’t seem to be able to effectively affect change for the better. So,why should we expect a new group that we would support would do any better?

    Even though the Tea Party movement was country wide,it really never had one national organization with one “charismatic”national leader who spoke for the movement and spoke to the American people. For the most part,good or bad,Tea Party’s remained a local phenomenon or only with statewide influence,not with national power and authority. This led to an increasing lack of enthusiasm. Most people constantly need leaders (local and nationally) who they can follow,trust,look up to,believe in and be motivated by. People also want to be part of what they perceive to be a big and influential movement. With time,the Tea Party lost most of this.

    I believe all I’ve just stated is true but it may not be the most important reason for our decline. Maybe the Tea Party now has been eclipsed or even replaced by a new,highly energetic and motivated group,made up of all ages and genders of Americans. And this group includes previous Republicans,Democrats and Independents. This group is more pragmatic about the United States needing change and less focused on being purists for the Constitution while yet being fully for the Constitution,Liberty and Freedom. They just want America fixed. This enormously large group (in the millions) is comprised of those who enthusiastically support Donald Trump. Maybe we should call it the MAGA Movement (the Make America Great Again Movement). For them,he is perceived as the answer to the “swamp”that is the Washington establishment,both Democrat and Republican. They believe he will solve America’s problems with “common sense solutions”rather than politically correct and politically motivated solutions which we’re accustomed to getting. They believe he will “Make America Great Again”because he will return the United States to its roots (minus its errors),to the Rule of Law,to secure borders and to a strong military. He will appoint Supreme Court Justices who will correctly interpret the Constitution. He will be like David who will then slay Goliath.

    So,what is the future of the Tea Party? I nor anyone else can really know at this time. I wrote the following to someone last week.

    “Actually,in my opinion,the future of our and the countrywide Tea Party will depend on the outcome of the election. If Hillary wins,initially everyone may just give up for a while. If later she is terribly bad,as expected,a new,energized movement may start. If Trump wins then the Tea Party may see its role to keep him conservative and constitutional. Just theorizing.”

    No matter who wins on Tuesday,I believe our America will see great change. Only time will tell whether it is for the better or for the worse.

    Thankfully,God remains in control.


    I remain

    Jack Sternberg,MD
    Chairman,Garland County Tea Party


     In just a week and a half the 2016 presidential election will be history.  Everyone is predicting the outcome yet nobody really knows. Polls seem to change almost daily and we have no idea whether their results are valid or even honest.As I write this column about the election’s outcome,I have had to admit something that is unusual for me;I’M SCARED! I’M WORRIED! There’s nothing I can significantly do to affect who wins and the electorate seems to be under the influence of a biased media who refuses to accurately and fairly report pertinent information concerning both presidential candidates.I’m scared and fearful for the future of the United States if Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes the President because:

    –She would be the most deceitful,lying person ever to occupy the White House.
    –She surrounds herself with advisors and followers that will do anything,legal or illegal,to further her agenda for power and financial gain.
    –She will place between one and four Supreme Court justices who will rubberstamp her liberal political agenda.
    –She will continue progressive social engineering.
    –She cannot get rid of the Second Amendment but she will do everything she can through Executive Orders and her new liberal Supreme Court to reinterpret its meaning so as to limit American’s rights to “keep and bear arms.”
    –Despite attacking the 1% rich people,she is one of the 1% and is guilty of all the evil she accuses them of committing.
    –Her major political donors are the “big” businesses she attacks. One day or on many days,they will expect to be paid back for their support.
    –She has terrible judgment when dealing with world leaders and world problems. Her previous solutions have all turned out to be disastrous for the United States and the world at large.
    –She has always been sympathetic to socialism (as long as it doesn’t apply to her) and will continue policies that undermine free markets and capitalism and will take (steal) from those who are productive and give to those that aren’t.

    –She has never run a business and has no business knowledge. Her policies toward job growth will do nothing to increase the number of American jobs and economic prosperity for all of America.
    –She has no problem with an ever-enlarging national debt.
    –She hates the military and will continue to decrease America’s ability to defend itself and worldwide liberty.
    –She favors Black Lives Matter over our dedicated Policemen and Policewomen.
    –She will play the race and gender inequality cards to keep Americans angry at each other rather than the ineffectual government she will run.
    –She will allow Obamacare to implode so she can then solve it with single payer Socialized medicine.  This has always been her desire.
    –She will continue Barack Obama’s failed policies and add many new disastrous policies of her own.

    I could go on and on but you get the idea. President Hillary Clinton’s America scares me to my core. I don’t understand those voters who don’t see or want to see her for what she is and has been. What scares me even more is that possibly she is exactly what they want.

    My wife always quotes Isaiah 5:20 – “Woe to those who call evil good,and good evil.”  It seems like we’re at such a time in our nation’s history along with another scripture from Judges 21:25,“Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

    So seems the path for the United States. I pray it’s not so but I have little faith in an American revival as I see more and more Americans turning away from God and also our core American ideals and even fewer standing up for them.

    Maybe we will get what we deserve!!!    I truly hope not.


    I remain

    Jack Sternberg,MD
    Chairman,Garland County Tea Party

    TRUST IS GONE by Dennis Prager

    You’re looking at the most political liar in American history.

    dpragerBy Dennis Prager

    I have been broadcasting for 31 years and writing for longer than that. I do not recall ever saying on radio or in print that a president is doing lasting damage to our country. I did not like the presidencies of Jimmy Carter (the last Democrat I voted for) or Bill Clinton. Nor did I care for the “compassionate conservatism” of George W. Bush. In modern political parlance “compassionate” is a euphemism for ever-expanding government.

    But I have never written or broadcast that our country was being seriously damaged by a president.

    So it is with great sadness that I write that President Barack Obama has done and continues to do major damage to America . The only question is whether this can ever be undone.

    This is equally true domestically and internationally.

    Domestically,his policies have had a grave impact on the American economy. He has overseen the weakest recovery from a recession in modern American history.
    He has mired the country in unprecedented levels of debt:about $6.5 trillion — that is 6,500 billion — in five years (this,after calling his predecessor “unpatriotic” for adding nearly $5 trillion in eight years).

    He has fashioned a country in which more Americans now receive government aid —
    means-tested,let alone non-means-tested — than work full-time.

    He has no method of paying for this debt other than printing more money — thereby
    surreptitiously taxing everyone through inflation,including the poor he claims to be
    helping,and cheapening the dollar to the point that some countries are talking about another reserve currency — and saddling the next generations with enormous debts.

    With his 2,500-page Affordable Care Act he has made it impossible for hundreds of
    thousands,soon millions,of Americans to keep their individual or employer-sponsored
    group health insurance; he has stymied American medical innovation with an utterly destructive tax on medical devices; and he has caused hundreds of thousands of workers to lose full-time jobs because of the health-care costs imposed by Obamacare on employers.

    His Internal Revenue Service used its unparalleled power to stymie political dissent. No one has been held accountable.

    His ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were murdered by terrorists in
    Benghazi,Libya .. No one has been blamed. The only blame the Obama administration
    has leveled was on a videomaker in California who had nothing to do with the assault. In this president’s White House the buck stops nowhere.

    Among presidents in modern American history,he has also been a uniquely divisive force. It began with his forcing Obamacare through Congress —the only major legislation in American history to be passed with no votes from the opposition party.

    Though he has had a unique opportunity to do so, he has not only not helped heal racial
    tensions,he has exacerbated them. His intrusions into the Trayvon Martin affair (“If I had a son,he’d look like Trayvon”) and into the confrontation between a white police officer and a black Harvard professor (the police “acted stupidly”) were unwarranted,irresponsible,demagogic,and,most of all,divisive. He should have been reassuring black Americans that America is in fact the least racist country in the world — something he should know as well as anybody,having been raised only by whites and being the first (halfbreed) black elected the leader of a white-majority nation.

    Instead,he echoed the inflammatory speech of professional race-baiters such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.He has also divided the country by economic class,using classic Marxist language against “the rich” and “corporate profits.”

    Regarding America in the world,he has been,if possible,even more damaging.
    The United States is at its weakest,has fewer allies,and has less military and diplomatic influence than at any time since before World War II.

    One wonders if there is a remaining ally nation that trusts him. And worse,no American

    enemy fears him. If you are a free movement (the democratic Iranian and Syrian 
    oppositions) or a free country (Israel), you have little or no reason to believe that you have a steadfast ally in the United States .

    Even non-democratic allies no longer trust America .Barack Obama has alienated our most important and longest standing Arab allies,Egypt and Saudi Arabia . Both the anti–Muslim Brotherhood and the anti-Iran Arab states have lost respect for him. And his complete withdrawal of American troops from Iraq has left that country with weekly bloodbaths.

    Virtually nothing Barack Obama has done has left America or the world better since

    he became president. Nearly everything he has touched has been made worse.

    He did,however,promise before the 2008 election that “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America ..” That is the one promise he has kept.

    What does it take for the American people to WAKE UP? Do we want four more years

    of this from Hillary?

    Send this to your friends –we are losing this country!

    He May Be Rude,Crude,and Lewd,but He’s All We Got!

    trump-debateThere are a lot of people that are ready to bail on Trump. They didn’t like him much at first. I can certainly identify with that as he was not my first choice. He’s rude,he’s crude,he’s even in the past been lewd. But,since when did we ever have a perfect president? Trump never said he was perfect in fact he said just the opposite. It was well known in the primaries that in the past he had made derogatory statements concerning women (Did you watch the first primary debate with Megyn Kelly?) If it wasn’t disqualifying then,what’s changed now? Hey guys.  It was only words! Dumb,stupid words to be sure,but I will bet the farm that you too have said things you are not proud of at one time or another.

    Want to go back in history? Many of our presidents have had affairs,used foul language,and some abusive behaviors,but now we are led to believe that Trump’s incident of stupid childish banter from 11 years ago is disqualifying? Grow up and get a life!  What Trump did was old news and his life in recent years and the positive way he has treated women shows that.

    Alexander Hamilton had an affair.  Theodore Roosevelt was said to have numerous affairs.  FDR had widely publicized affairs as did Woodrow Wilson.  Kennedy was well known as a philanderer and abuser of women,but as a Democrat that for him apparently was a badge of honor. It is even believed that he had his primary bimbo (MM) killed by none other than his brother,the attorney general just to shut her up. Lyndon Johnson was known as the biggest womanizer ever to occupy the White House. Nixon was a foul mouth. Bill Clinton was a chronic womanizer with affairs right in the oval office. At least one of the numerous women he abused claims she was raped. What did Hillary do? She became chief in charge of the “Bimbo Eruptions”,destroying the lives of the women that Bill had abused. And you thought what Donald did was bad?

    There are many reports about how Hillary abused with the most foul mouthed language the security service personnel and other employees when she lived in the white house.  Several books by retired security service and other employees of the white house have chronicled her continuous streams of extremely foul and degrading language toward those that worked for her. It was so bad that they even nicknamed the plane that she flew on as “Broomstick 1″.  Her foul language was far worse and more degrading than anything Donald Trump has ever said. What about Hillary characterization  of most Trump voters as irredeemable deplorables?  Or her saying in her emails to John Podesta just a few short months ago that everyone that would vote for Trump or Bernie were “illiterate”? What would the media say if a Republican said that 70+ percent of Americans were “illiterate”? Do you really want that garbage back at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

    trumpapologizeDuring WW2 we had leaders that were not the normal politically correct,polite and respectable folks at the country club luncheon.  Patton,McArthur,and Pershing come to mind.  When you are facing the likes of Hitler,Mousalini,and Hirohito you don’t need a socialite as your leader,you need the meanest,toughest SOB you can find. We are not electing a pastor or a Sunday school teacher today. Trump is perhaps the man for the time when you consider that today we are facing the likes of Assad,Putin,Kohmeni,and Kim Jong-un. We need someone that will be tough toward our enemies and appreciative of our friends. His background shows he can do that.

    We currently have a totally corrupt government that Hillary would perpetuate. We have a supreme court that is only one seat away from totally nullifying the US Constitution.  Hillary would appoint more socialist judges that would undermine it for the next generation,not just 4 or 8 years but 20 to 40 years! Obama bragged early in his administration,“We reward our friends and punish our enemies.”True to his word we now have an IRS that uses its taxing power to destroy Obama’s opponents,while Hillary waves pom poms and jumps up and down cheering. We have an FBI that ignores repeated violations of federal law that lesser people go to jail for and Hillary says,“Thanks guys I’ll remember this when I am in the oval office.” We have an INS that tries to get as many illegals in as possible into the country,and Hillary says,“Hallelujah,more Democrat voters!” We even have a EPA that steals peoples homes and land by claiming a drainage ditch on a quarter acre lot in a subdivision is a “wetland”.  Obama has lived up to his promise of fundamentally changing America.  He has made it into a corrupt third world government rapidly degenerating toward a dictatorship.

    What’s it going to take for the people of this country to stop watching the media circus and start looking behind the curtain for the source that’s pulling the strings? When are we going to put on our big boy pants and big girl panties and stand up and say “Enough of this corruption already?”

    We need to man up or woman up and recognize that we must work for the greater good. Hillary would be a disaster for our nation. Trump has already released his choices for the Supreme Court. They are a grand group,similar to Justice Scalia,that would do us proud ruling according to the actual constitution.  They would not distort it for what they would like for it to say. On the other hand,Hillary has publicly stated she thinks Obama and Loretta Lynch would be great Supreme Court justices. Both of them are as crooked as a snake and would totally undermine the constitution with their liberal rulings.

    Trump is our rowboat

    Trump is our rowboat

    Get your blinders off people! This is like the story of the guy whose house is under water and when someone comes in a rowboat to take them to safety he says,“No thanks.  God will save me.”After three refusals he is drowned and at the gates of heaven asks God,“Why didn’t you save me”only to have God reply,“I sent you three rowboats.”  Folks,like it or not,Trump is our rowboat.  He’s rude,he’s crude,he may even be lewd,but he will likely be the last rowboat. We are not going to see the perfect candidate. It simply doesn’t exist.

    GOP Establishment weasel

    GOP Establishment weasel

    It has often been said that there was only one perfect man and they crucified him. That’s what the media is trying to do now and lots of Republican weasels are trying to jump on for a free ride out of town. To be fair,these weasels are basically people that never liked him anyway.  To abandon Trump as the nominee although he won the nomination fair and square would be unbelievably unwise. It would mean a certain coronation of Hillary.  Why would any Republican want to do that? The only possible answer is personal power and gain. In other words,they are weasels!

    debate2-2The debate last night was a big game changer and has reenergized the race. But what about other new revelations that the Clinton campaign and the left wing media will surely throw against Trump between now and election day? They are surely coming.  Just as this last one was dumped to raise a dust storm in the wake of the Wikileaks release last week there will be others. The left simply has no other arrows in their quiver. They can’t argue accomplishments,or policy.  There just aren’t any accomplishments of note and they only offer the same old tried and failed policies. They can’t offer security as they aren’t doing that.  They can’t point to the economy because they have been in charge of it for 7 1/2 years and it sucks.  It is the most lackluster recovery since the great depression of the 30s.

    Now Paul Ryan says he will not campaign with Trump and advises House members to make their own decisions.  In my opinion that is a huge mistake!  If Trump wins,he will remember those turncoats for the next four or eight years.  If he has a narrow loss,most Republican voters will blame those turncoats for their having to put up with Clinton for years to come. For those who chose to abandon the legitimate nominee there is no easy way out.  What we must do is to get behind Trump even though he is far from perfect and see to it that he is the next occupant of the White House for the good of the nation.