TRUST IS GONE by Dennis Prager

    You’re looking at the most political liar in American history.

    By Dennis Prager

    I have been broadcasting for 31 years and writing for longer than that. I do not recall ever saying on radio or in print that a president is doing lasting damage to our country. I did not like the presidencies […]

    What about Wikileaks?

    We have been hearing lots about “WikiLeaks”in recent months yet most of us don’t really know much of what they actually are. Here is some info on the nature of Wikileaks as well as much of the top 100 most damaging WikiLeaks. These and more can be found at: –Admin […]

    He May Be Rude,Crude,and Lewd,but He’s All We Got!

    There are a lot of people that are ready to bail on Trump. They didn’t like him much at first. I can certainly identify with that as he was not my first choice. He’s rude,he’s crude,he’s even in the past been lewd. But,since when did we ever have a perfect president? Trump […]

    Trump Is Our Rowboat?

    This may be the best and most honest political promotion statement you will ever read. It decidedly does not brush objections aside. You hate Hillary? READ it. You hate Trump? READ it. You think there’s no choice? READ it. And,read it with your grown-up hat on. We’ve all been dealt huge responsibility with this election. The first step toward accepting responsibility is accepting it,and the first step toward accepting it is recognizing it. READ THIS. Read every single word. It’ll take you about three minutes. […]

    Dear Mr President

    Dear President Obama,You strike me as the sort of man who spends a lot of time staring at his own reflection. I wonder,what do you see when you gaze so admiringly at yourself? What image do you find in that mirror of yours? Let me guess:a graceful Greek god with a golden crown,draped in luxurious robes,perched on a giant,magnificent throne atop a mountain in the sky? You see a throng of angels singing your praises and masses of subservient peasants prostrated before you,trembling with fear and awe? You see a man who is more than a man,and a president who transcends the presidency;you see a historic figure of immortal importance? […]


    I believe September 26th,2016 will be the next pivotal day in American history. Some readers may think I am exaggerating but I don’t think so. It is the day of the first Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It has been estimated that up to a hundred million Americans (people) will […]

    Three Myths and the Ethical Voter

    As Christians I believe we are challenged by the scriptures to involve ourselves to make our government as ethical as possible following the precepts of the word of God. There are so many today who simply fail to exercise their voting rights or attempt to justify blatantly ungodly voting choices for self-serving positions.

    According to […]

    I Can’t Recall

    Wow,what a total pile of bovine excrement! Today’s FBI data dump just shows how Hillary is only walking the streets freely today because the FBI and Justice Department are protecting her from the prosecution that any other person would have received for jeopardizing national classified information. Repeatedly she testified she “can’t remember”or “can’t […]

    “What difference does it make?” –Dr Jack Sternberg,MD

    I have been trying to figure out for some time the MAIN REASON for my political frustration. And I think I’ve found my answer and it’s not that complicated. Sure,I don’t like the Democrat’s progressive ideology but that’s nothing new or different (just worse). Yes,I don’t like their candidates and elected officials and […]

    Conventions are now over,THANK GOD!!

    Republican Convention each night for four nights and really enjoyed it. I thought the speakers were speaking to me and especially loved the speeches by Mayor Giuliani,Governor Christie,Trump and family and so many others. I didn’t disagree with one thing any one of them said (except parts of Ted Cruz’s speech). I thought Trump’s speech was not dark but was optimistic because of all he wants to accomplish for America and believes that he can accomplish. It was also realistic about the present state of America and the world. America is not as great as it once was but we believe it is still great and he can make it greater again. […]