Obama’s Healthcare Express

    Today the Obama Healthcare Express is rushing headlong into oblivion with no concern for the devastation to ensue. Obama is joined by Nancy Peloci,Barney Frank,Frank Schumer,and others who are currently attempting to marginalize anyone who disagrees with their Rube Goldberg plans. They refer to honest citizens who are concerned about the dumb schemes to nationalize healthcare as “organized mobs”and in some cases have closed town hall meetings to avoid talking to these “rabble-rousers”and referring to them as “manufactured demonstrations”. Perhaps the latter is because of the long history of such true manufactured demonstrations by liberal groups on their side such as Acorn that are often even tax supported! Now they have gone so far overboard they don’t even recognize true citizen dissent when they see it,or perhaps they know but just refuse to acknowledge it.
    Dana Loesch says of these “mobs”on her blog:”You’ve heard a lot about this crazy,scary,vicious mob on some shadowy GOP payroll. By the way the DNC,Rachel Maddow,and President Obama talk,you’d think it was a motley crue of Hell’s Angels.”(See the full example of these “organized mobsters”)

    Less we think they are alone in this arrogance,the US news media is refusing to cover the large crowds at tea parties and town hall meetings and has gone so far as to try to write them off as inconsequential. Meetings that were estimated as eight to ten thousand participants by the local police were written off by the Times and similar papers and news organizations as “a couple hundred demonstrators”. No wonder “The Times”has been losing readership like crazy in the last few years. Who wants to pay good money to read “news”that is obviously fabricated just to meet the political agenda of the publisher? Even if you agree with their policy that is just a stupid waste of money.

    The AARP,supposedly an advocacy organization for the elderly in this country,has recently endorsed Obama’s plan. Why would they do such a thing when all indications are that it would result in rationing of the care that their members need? The model of such a program is Great Britain’s healthcare system where delays for services commonly required for the elderly are extreme. Average waits for a hip replacement there is 11 months,a knee replacement 12 months. Other common services often needed by the elderly are far below the quality and availability found in the US. For example,in the US a man diagnosed with prostate cancer has a virtually 100% probability of surviving for at least five years,but in Great Britain that probability is only about 77%. Access to specialists there is limited,especially for the elderly,and individuals have virtually no access to medical care except through the national program. They are not even allowed to pay their own money to get someone to treat them when the national health care can’t or won’t. In many cases they die waiting in line for treatment or waiting until it is too late for treatment to help. Now that’s a good example of governmental “cost containment”for you!

    For years British and Canadians have been coming to the US to get treatment when their national health care systems can not or will not help them. No wonder elderly Americans are showing up at town halls and tea parties in large numbers. They are scared silly and with good reason! At a recent town hall type meeting between AARP leadership and local members the leaders were hammered about the contents of the bill. They refused to answer any questions from their concerned members and eventually just walked off the podium. They are accepting membership fees from their supporters and then using those fees to advocate programs that are directly adverse to the members needs. Then they are refusing to listen to opposition by the membership. Somehow that just doesn’t seem right to me. Personally I would cancel my AARP membership,cut up the card and send it back to them,but unfortunately I already did that about 15 years ago.

    Nancy Peloci,Harry Reid,Obama,and others have accused town hall and tea party demonstrators with all kinds of derogatory terms. They are spreading vicious lies about the people that oppose their programs. Peloci even accused these well dressed seniors as “Nazi’s”and stated on national TV that they are showing up wearing
    swastikas. That is a totally unfounded statement demeaning honest citizens that wish to express their constitutionally protected rights. These are blatant lies that are not helping advance her cause and tend to explain the Democrat’s plummeting poll results of late. They insist on leading the American government into socialism even though all the national polls indicate Americans object by significant margins. According to Gallap 63% of Americans don’t want socialized healthcare. The normally liberal NPR admits it is 47 to 42% against and the Pew polls indicate 44 to 38% are opposed. Even the New York Times pollsters admit that 77% of Americans think socialized healthcare will increase the national deficit.

    John Conyers had the audacity recently to ridicule those who would insist they should “Read the bill!” He stated “What good is it to read the bill when it would take two days and two lawyers to read and understand it.”Well John,if you can’t read it and understand it except under those conditions that is enough reason right there to oppose it! If our legislators can’t understand a bill,they shouldn’t be voting for it period! When you receive a legal document to sign and you can’t understand what it says do you think it is wise to just sign the darned thing? When they vote for a bill they are doing it as our representative and doing it in our name. If they aren’t smart enough to know what they are signing up for in our name,we should throw the bums out and put someone in there who will,regardless of what party they represent. Perhaps John Conyers is a good place to start.

    The current proposed healthcare bill would create a bureaucratic nightmare. In Britain more than 50% of the employees of the national healthcare plan are administrators. The government’s social security system is currently bankrupt,the medicare and medicaid programs are likewise bankrupt and even their stupid “cash for clunkers”bill that was supposed to run for three months was bankrupted in only one weekend! If the government can’t make a “cash for clunkers”program that is solvent,why should the American people think they could do so in a takeover of one seventh of the American economy? Especially when they think they shouldn’t have to bother with actually going to the trouble of “reading the bill!”My momma taught me not to sign anything I didn’t read,why should they?

    They are also trying to hide the nature of proposed bills by attempting to make a differentiation between “socialized healthcare”or “government run healthcare”with a plan that only includes a “government option”. That is a bald faced,absolute,total and complete lie! A “government option”is the same thing as socialized healthcare! Even if the system does not outlaw other competing healthcare plans,but then funds their “government option”by stealing money from taxpayers and giving their service virtually free,even if the “government option”totally sucks,employers will be forced by competition to adopt it. Obama,Dodd,Frank,and others have said so repeatedly in addresses to their constituent groups such as the AFL-CIO. Any “government option”is full socialized healthcare with all its failures. It is just a slightly slower method of implimenting it. If your congressman,like mine,is trying to hide behind this “government option”BS,don’t let him get away with it! He knows better,and if he doesn’t he is a fool. Liars and fools don’t deserve your vote in November of next year. Make sure he understands that! Remember,these dudes are trying to force this system on you while they exempt themselves from it. Any program that is not good enough for the congress and high level government officials is not good enough for us!

    Obama has even recently created an “Office of Disinformation.”He actually calls it the “Office of Health Reform”,but make no mistake about its purpose. His Disinformation Czar,Linda Douglas,issued statements to clear up the “mis-information out there”by showing quotes from the Messiah himself saying “If you like your doctor you will be able to keep him.”“If you like you health care plan you will be able to keep it”This is totally ignoring the actual text of the plan in congress that indicates just the opposite. What should we believe,what Obama says,or what he is actually doing? No manner of assurances looking straight into the camera will assuage the fears when people can read from the actual bill and see that his statements are pure lies.

    Obama is in “full campaign”mode these days,attacking honest citizens who are simply exercising their constitutional rights. He has never really shifted into a “governing”mode where the concentration is on actually doing the business of the American people. After all he has too much to do in defending his socialist agenda from those who object to it to seek consensus in such mundane things as conducting the business of the country. That is a really poor way to do business and the polls are showing that Americans are not impressed. From a good beginning Obama has dropped to lower than George W Bush was at a similar place in his administration and lower than any of the last four presidents have been at a similar point. In the last 35 years only the disastrous administration of Jimmy Carter had lower approval ratings after six months of their administration than Obama has today.

    The American healthcare system is certainly not perfect. Health insurance is commonly tied to employment and when people change jobs they usually can not take their plan with them. Unemployed,self-employed,and retired people often can not afford the high costs of health insurance,but a government socialized program is not the answer. There are many suggestions on the table for real change without destroying the American healthcare system that is the best in the world today. If you doubt that our current system is the best,then why do you suppose kings of mid-eastern countries regularly come to the US for medical treatment?

    Socialized medicine controls the incomes of doctors and denies the possibility of good income for the large investment medical professionals make in education and preparation. It takes eight years of college and post graduate work to become a doctor. Before you can practice you have another two years of internship. If you aspire to a specialty it may take another two to four years of work to qualify for that specialty. Why would anyone with an ounce of good sense be willing to invest 10 to 14 years of expensive education if they are going to be limited to the same or a similar income that their buddy who graduates from high school with them and goes to work in “Uncle Franks”plumbing business for two years to become a licensed plumber at the same pay? Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against plumbers,carpenters,bricklayers,electricians or any other trades persons,but I wouldn’t want one of them to remove my appendix,or treat my prostate cancer. This is a problem that is currently existing in nations with socialized healthcare. There is insufficient financial motivation for the achievement of excellence. We are already running into a problem in this country where physicians are reluctant to advise their children to enter the profession because of the government limitations provided in the medicare and medicaid programs. Doctors tell me that the mandated medicare payment caps limit them to where a doctor commonly receives only about 4% out of the authorized fees. Medicare often pays less to the doctor than the doctor is charged by labs doing outside work. That explains why it is hard to get a doctor to accept you if you are on medicare or medicaid.

    Current law requires that medical insurance is licensed by the states and must be within the state where you reside. Changing that would allow wider spreading of groups allowing lower cost for the same coverages. Tort reform is the single most important reform that would cut much of the excess cost of medical fees. Many doctors admit that up to 50% of the tests they routinely prescribe are medically unnecessary but are directed only to prevent the possibility of their being sued.

    Peloci and company are firmly against tort reform because the trial lawyers are one of their biggest contributing constituencies. With tort reform the gravy train for trial lawyers would cease to exist. Litigants would be paid out of a fund set up for that purpose from moneys collected from insurance premiums. A panel would authorize payments to persons from those funds eliminating jury trials with sweetheart awards of which the lawyers collect up to one half the proceeds. Doctors who are truly negligent would still be policed by the loss of their license to practice. Everyone would be a winner except the trial lawers and the liberal politicians who would miss their big campaign contributions.

    This is the month of August and congress is on their summer recess. Now is the time to contact your congressional representative,senators,and to write a letter to your local newspaper. If you object to this blatant takeover of one seventh of our American economy by the government make your feelings known. Join the “unruly mobs”of seniors,parents,veterans,grandparents and teachers and go attend a town hall meeting near you. If there is not one near you,find out where there is one and get a group together to drive there and make your wishes known. Call your local talk radio programs and tell them what you think about the possibility of a universal rationed care system. There is still time to derail the Obama Healthcare Express that is speeding toward destruction.

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    To be fair,I will also list the following from the White House’s official web site. It is their answer to the “inaccurate allegations circulating around”about the health care proposals. My personal favorite is the dude explaining how Medicare won’t be affected. Watch his eyes when he is telling you this stuff. Notice their flicking to the left when he tells a whopper. Would you buy a used car from this dude?

    White House “Reality Check”

    Open Letter to the Nation’s Leadership

    On June 17th Glenn Beck read an open letter written by Janet Contreras.  This letter expresses her frustration and anger over the attempt by our national leadership to void the constitution and convert this country into a socialist dictatorship against the will of the American people.

    Click on this link to read the full text of  Janet’s letter.  You will likely agree with her that our representatives are not doing their jobs of being representatives,but are attempting to take the country by coup.

    Read the letter and if you agree,go to the petition site and add your name to the cosigners of the petition.  Let our nation’s leadership know what we the people of this great nation think of their attempt to do away with the laws,traditions,and way of life of our great nation.