Tax Day Tea Party- Hot Springs,AR

    Title:Tax Day Tea Party
    Location:Garland Co,AR Court House
    Description:TEA Party protest  in Hot Springs,AR.   This is a part of a nationwide simultaneous protest  in over 400 cities and towns all over the country. This is NOT a partisan event.  Representatives from both major parties have been cavalier in ignoring their constituents on spending.

    REPORT: 4/15/09      Great rally!!    Couldn’t count all the folks milling about there at 12:00,but by 1:00 after about a third had left we managed to count 182 folks still there.  Estimate there  was around 300  there right after noon,many spending their lunch hour to send a message to their representatives.   There  were 435 who signed contact cards during the three hour event!

    This is just the start.  There will be more later.  Who knows,maybe it will lead to a “TEA PARTY”as a third political party! There was another rally about a half mile from the court house and they reportedly had another 150 or more participants.  That is pretty good for a town the size of Hot Springs,AR.   Lots of excitement.  Wish you had been there too.

    Start Time:12:00
    End Time:15:00

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