Card Check –A Really Bad Idea!!

    This week  (March 11th) the “Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)”was introduced into both the House and the Senate.  The name is an Orwellian term for a bill whose purpose is to strip workers of the right to a secret ballot to decide on whether to form a union.

    Under this legislation union bosses could pass out cards to workers and intimidate them into signing by requiring them to publicly fill out a card with no right to a secret or private ballot.  This places workers into the position of receiving peer pressure,  ridicule,intimidation,or outright physical threats to force them to sign the cards.  If they can pressure 50% plus one of the workers to sign the cards it would force a union on the workers without giving them having the right of a private ballot.   This removes the seventy year old rights of workers to have a private ballot to decide such issues.

    Businesses,economists the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the vast majority of members of the American public oppose this. Recent polls have shown that a vast majority of Americans of all political backgrounds oppose this type of legislation,but unless we contact our representatives and senators it is going to be forced on us.  The poll conducted by “The Polling Company Inc”conducted in March of last year asked 1000 people  if they agreed with the statement,“Every worker should continue to have the right to a federally supervised secret ballot election when deciding whether to organize a union.”  The results indicated agreement by 82% of Democrats,77% of Republicans,and 79% of Independents.  More recent surveys have shown even slightly higher opposition to this proposal among the American public.  When you consider that most elections in this country are decided by a majority of 55% or less,having nearly 80% united in opposition to something is an amazing majority!

    Under the “Card Check”system,union organizers would be able to go into any small business,construction work site,or hospital and pressure workers into signing cards.  They can continue harassing these people until they accumulate 50% plus one cards and the workers are at that point forced into a union.  Then if the union and the management are unable to agree on a contract within a set period of time,the federal government will step in and impose one upon them.  This coerced unionization is just a new form of enforced taxation on the workers.  Workers will lose a portion of their wages to union bosses who can then use it as they see fit.  This includes political donations to parties and candidates that the workers oppose.

    This is an amazing violation of individual rights.  No vote,no secret ballot,no right to  freely negotiate an acceptable contract and they have the nerve to call it  the “Employee Free Choice Act”. A more appropriate name might be the “Employee Forced Choice Act”or perhaps even the “Employee No Choice Act”! Even Warren Buffet,an  Obama supporter  opposes it and has gone on record in a recent CNBC interview saying  “I think the secret ballot’s pretty important in the country. I’m against card check to make a perfectly flat statement.”  (Link toVideo)

    In addition to the loss of worker rights comes a very possible of loss of jobs.  According to an economist at the University of Chicago,Dr. Anne Layne-Farrar  for every three workers coerced into joining a union under Card Check,one job will be eliminated.   That means that about 600,000 jobs could be lost due to Card Check is just the first year.  To view Dr. Layne-Farrar’s full report visit   We do not need an increase in unemployment at this time of recession and we certainly do not need to force more jobs overseas.

    Why would there be a push to take away the rights of workers?   Very simple.  Promises made to union bosses in exchange for their support in the recent elections.  VP Joe Biden said it very effectively in a meeting with AFL-CIO leadership last week.  He stated,  “You all brought me to the dance a long time ago,and it’s time we start dancing.”  This is nothing more or less than political pay back without any regard to the will of the people who have consistently opposed such propositions.

    More information is available at Saul Anuzis’website.  Saul is a former teamster and a former Michigan Republican Chairman.  He is currently leading the opposition to this bill for American Solutions.

    Contact your U.S. senator and representative and tell them what you think of the card check proposal and what it will mean to the American worker and the American economy.  Please do not delay as these bills are currently being debated in the house and the senate.