Gallas for Congress

    Vote Freedom - Vote Gallas!

    Arkansas’fourth congressional district has received very little attention by the state’s news media to date. Just before filing time someone actually stepped up to the plate that can credibly challenge Mike Ross (D) for that congressional seat. There are two Republicans who have filed to run and so there will be a Republican primary race for that congressional seat on May 18th.

    Glenn Gallas is a local Hot Springs businessman that owns several businesses here. His businesses Mr Plumber,Mr Rooter  have all thrived under his direction. He has won numerous awards for excellence in these businesses as a direct result of Glenn’s leadership.  He is an ex-army guy who spent 10 years working with special services units and understands the military role. Glenn has also received local recognition for his work cleaning up his neighborhood and turning a run down area into what has become a thriving section of town. The crime rate was cut in half as a result of his organizing the local residents to join together to clean up the area. He is a family man with three children and works with youth in his church.

    We in the fourth district of Arkansas for the last eight years have had a congressman that tells us how he is for Arkansas’values then manipulates his votes to support the idiocy of Nancy Pelosi and company. Mike Ross tells his constituents how he voted against Obamacare when the record shows that his vote in committee sent it  out to the floor.   Without his enabling vote it would have died in committee.  His vote for the Slaughter rule two days before the final house vote paved the way for it to pass.  He votes over 90% of the time the same way that Pelosi and the ultra left leadership of the house want. Arkansas deserves better than that type of non-representation.

    During the past year it has been my pleasure to get to know Glenn personally.  He is a man that is true to his word and he is exactly the type of person we need in the US Congress.  He has served here in Hot Springs as the chairperson for the Republican Party of Garland County and beginning in April 15th of 2009 became the Chairperson of the Garland County Tea Party as well.  Both organizations flourished under his leadership.   We need his kind of honest and straight-forward leadership.

    Glenn is facing a challenge in the Republican primary on May 18th. If you live in Arkansas’fourth district,please vote in the Republican primary and cast your vote for Glenn. The opposition Glenn faces in the primary is Beth Ann Rankin,Miss Arkansas of 2002 and a music teacher. She is a delightful person,but she stands not a chance against a serious competitor like Mike Ross.  Please support Glenn and check his website for when he is speaking in your area.    Help us get a congressman in Arkansas’fourth district that we can be proud of!

    Get Out and Vote!!

    A Song by Mike Fischer:

    Message of Off Year Elections ’09 –“Dear Washington,we want our constitution back.”

    Last night was the best news for the freedom loving American people in the last twelve months. The voters have sent a message to leadership in both parties! They want a return to the principles embodied in the Constitution that made this country great. They want the people sent to Washington to actually represent them!

    The American people were duped last year by a presidential candidate who campaigned as a moderate only to govern as a Socialist. The Republican wins of governors races in Virginia and New Jersey is a wake-up call,especially for the “Blue Dog Democrats”regardless of how the White House tries to spin it. Obama campaigned for the Democrats in both states and if anything at all his attempt to “help”likely hurt his democratic candidates there. The old tactic of trying to blame George Bush just doesn’t fly any more.

    Anyone that thinks that Obama is still popular with voters needs to have his head examined. According to some polls he has lost more faith with the voters than anyone in the last century other than Nixon in ’73. Yes he is a personable fellow and his face still gets favorable ratings,but his policies are overwhelmingly rejected by the people whenever they see them. The worsening economy,the attempt to nationalize industry,the government attempt to control first one industry after another and to restrict the rights and freedoms of the American people are not popular concepts. As people see the results of this direction of Obama and the Democratic party they object more and more. That objection showed up in the “Tea Parties”last summer and now at the ballot boxes last night. All indications are that this is just a tiny peek at what is to be expected next November.

    The White House has tried to spin this as not a referendum against Obama and Obamacare,but the exit polls speak differently. People don’t like the direction of the country and they are turning against the party in power in a big way. Washington has ignored the “Tea Parties”this year and the people are showing their displeasure in a manner that can not be disputed by rational folks. Of course can you really say Obama and the Democratic leadership are rational folks?

    What does this say for the likely 2010 mid term elections? It basically says that if the Republicans put up some straight talking conservative candidates they will likely sweep the slate! However,lest the Republicans grin about the prospects too much,it also showed that if the Republicans pull another “Scozzafava”then the question is up for grabs. People are getting sick and tired of the Republican leaderships actions as well.

    There was no party primary in NY to pick a candidate. Party bosses picked an ultra liberal that by her voting record leans even to the left of her Democrat opponent!! In fact by some counts she leans to the left of the majority of her Democratic legislators in the NY assembly! Only on Second Amendment rights does she show any conservative principles. Even Newt Gingrich endorsed her under his concept of the “big tent”principle for the party . To his credit,when it became apparent that she was not a loyal Republican,he endorsed Hoffman and worked to try to help him get elected. Dede Scozzafava was given some $900,000 during the last month of her candidacy by the Republican party. This is money donated by persons who thought they are supporting candidates that stand for basic Republican principles and instead it goes to someone who would have voted right down the line with the Democrats and Obamaites in Washington!

    She used that money primarily to campaign against her Conservative party opponent. He was a long time Republican who ran as the Conservative party candidate after he was repulsed by Republican party bosses. Then to add insult to injury,when she saw she was running third in a three party race she pulled out on the eve of the election and endorsed the Democrat!! Wow,what an insult to the donors of the Republican party.

    As a result the conservative candidate,Doug Hoffman,lost the election by three points while Scuzzball still got 5% of the vote even though she has pulled out of the election. This was the largest percentage of the vote ever received in history by a Conservative Party candidate! Had the Republicans picked someone who represented republican views,or failed to support this RINO because of her far left record the Republicans would likely have another vote in the house next year.

    This sends a real message to the Republican contributors. “If you want your donations to go to people that share your views,don’t give it through the Republican party.”This will definitely bite the Republican party on the posterior! Conservative Republicans will not be nearly so eager to donate their hard-earned cash to a party that will squander it on RINOs who don’t reflect their views.

    Democrats should take note of the two governorships that were lost last night. If they continue as they have been doing and don’t pay attention to the people,they had best have another occupation lined up for when they get fired next November! Republicans need to recognize that there is no advantage to having someone with an “R”in their name that votes with the opposition the vast majority of the time.

    Yep. This off year election carries a big message to both parties. The majority of Americans are still basically conservative people and do not want the socialist agenda we are seeing being forced on our country. We want our representatives to actually represent us,not George Soros. We want our Constitution back!

    State House Votes to Disenfranchise Arkansas Voters

    Yesterday,Feb 25th,  the Arkansas State House by a 56-43 margin voted to undermine the Constitution of the United States and to disenfranchise the voters of the state of Arkansas in presidential elections. According to  Arkansas HR 1339,the 6 electoral votes of the State of Arkansas would be cast for whoever won the popular vote in the entire country and would not be based on the vote of the people of Arkansas.  The bill has now been sent to the Arkansas state senate.  This bill would make Arkansas join with Hawaii,Maryland,  New Jersey and Illinois in such legislation.

    Under this provision,  if the voters of Arkansas voted by a 90% margin for presidential candidate “A” and the popular vote of the country as a whole was 50.01% in favor of presidential candidate “B” the 6 electoral college votes of the state of Arkansas would be cast for candidate “B”.  This is in total disregard of the expressed will of the people of the state of Arkansas.  Why should we bother to vote at all?

    The representatives that voted for this should be recalled!!  This indicates they have no understanding of either US history or government and no intention to represent the people who elected them.  Such persons should not be allowed to act as “representatives”!

    American History 101: In 1786 this same principle was argued vehemently by the delegates sent to establish a constitution for the new nation.  Some delegates from the larger states wanted a democratic republic represented solely on the base of population.  Those from the smaller states wanted one with equal representation by states.  In an effort to reach a compromise it was decided to create a legislative branch of government that was divided into two houses.  One would be comprised of representatives from each state based on their population. (House)  The other would be comprised of two representatives from each state. (Senate)  This would allow a balance between the two viewpoints and avoid what the smaller states viewed a “Tyranny of the majority”.  It would prevent the larger states from totally disregarding the needs of the smaller ones while at the same time allow more representation in recognition of the differences in population among the states.  The executive branch would be invested in a president that would be elected by the states (not necessarily by the people) with the same balance of representation by state.  Each state would cast votes for the presidency based on one vote for each US Senator and one vote for each US Representative in their US congressional delegations.  This balanced the desires of those that wanted representation by population with those who wanted representation by region.

    The framers of this new constitution wisely provided a process for amending it to allow for modifications over time as such changes were needed.  As a result of the wisdom of the framers of our constitution it is now the oldest standing constitution in the world.  It has become the world model for a republican form of constitutional government and has served our nation for 220 years.

    Now the Arkansas state House of Representatives thinks that in their infinite wisdom they have found a better way.  Deny the right of the people of Arkansas to have a vote on the presidency and base Arkansas’ votes in the electoral college on the will of the people of California,New York,Florida,Ohio and the other most populous states!  Somehow there is something that “ain’t quite rite” about that.

    This bill,HR 1339,is a blatant attempt to subvert the US Constitution without bothering to go through the process of constitutional amendment.   It denies the expressed will of the voters of the state of Arkansas and would have the effect of turning the presidential selection over to the biggest population centers in the country. If such a change is needed it should go through the process of constitutional amendment.  It should not be by a slick proposition by a bunch of politicians in a smoke filled room to “put in a fix” that strips the voting rights from the people of Arkansas.

    This bill will truly strip rights of the voters of the state of Arkansas  in presidential elections!  If you vote in the state of Arkansas and want to have your vote count in presidential elections,you must contact your state senator now before it is too late.  Please do not delay as this bill will come up for vote in the Arkansas state senate soon.