User Instructions

    Welcome to The Coffee Shop blog. The site is designed as a fun place to meet,share ideas and encouragement. This page is designed to help new users understand how to register and use the site effectively.

    Anyone is welcome to view the public areas of the site and once you have registered you may comment on existing posts. At the left side of the page you will see a section with the header “META”. The first couple of items under that will be “Register” or “Log In”. As a new user you must click on the “Register” block and enter some basic information to identify yourself on the site.

    You will need to create a user name to identify you on the board and enter an e-mail address where you can be contacted by the site. Your e-mail is used for administrative purposes only. Your e-mail will not be given out or sold to anyone or used for any other reason than stated above. You will receive no mass mailings from this board or from friends associated with the board.

    Please pick a simple user name to identify yourself on the site. If your name is John Jones,a good name might be “jjones” or “johnj” or “Junior” if that is what you prefer. Please do not use spaces in your log-on name. Also remember that capitals matter to a computer. Remember what you put here as you will have to type it exactly the same each time you use the site.

    An initial password to enter the site will be e-mailed to you so you must enter a valid e-mail link where you can receive it. It will look something like this “Xcv4.&LFgHq” . You will need this password to log onto the site initially. The first time you log on you can change it to something you can remember more easily.

    When you receive this e-mail go back to the site and log on by clicking the “Log in” label under “Meta” on the left side of your screen. Then you will get a screen labeled “Dashboard” at the upper left. This is the screen you will use to make changes,enter posts or most anything else you want to do on this blog site. Initially there will only be a couple choices here. The first thing you should do is to look under the “User” label and pick the option for “Your Profile”. There you will find a place to change your password to something you can remember and enter easily. You will have to enter it twice and they must match for the new password to be accepted. You will also find a place to put your real name. Please fill that out,it will not be made public.

    Your e-mail address will not be public information and will not be accessible to others on the site,nor will it be given out to anyone,but it is needed for identification by the web site admin to upgrade your access rights on the board.

    Also on this page is a place for you to enter background information. This information will be public. Here you would put information that you want to be known such as where you live (not full address,things like “Arkansas”,“Louisville”,“Rawlins GA”,etc) to identify you as a participant on the web site. Please do not enter personal information here that you do not want to be freely distributed as this will be visible to general users of the site. You might even put a little info such as:“Retired toll booth operator,enjoys hunting,fishing,football,beer and TV.” Once finished here click on the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page. If you do not press that button no changes will be saved.

    Once you have done this click on the “Chuck’s Blog <- –visit site” button at the upper left corner of the screen and you will find yourself back at the main page. Here you can read any posts or comments on the site. Some posts are designed to accept comments and will have a fill in block for that purpose. Feel free to enter a comment if you wish. Comments are limited in length and you will see a counter there that will show you how much space is available.As a new user you will be designated as a “subscriber” and you will be able to read anything on the public areas of the board and to comment on Posts on the board. Your first comment will be reviewed by an “editor” or “administrator” before it will be visible to others on the site.In order to create new “Posts” you must be designated a “contributor” on the site by one of the administrators. “Contributors” can make comments on existing posts and can create new “Posts”. Their posts will be reviewed by an editor before being published on the site. Your registration will normally be upgraded to “contributor” upon request or after a short time as a registered user.Each time you log onto the site you will find yourself at the “Dashboard”. This is the location where you will find the links to create new Posts,edit your existing Posts,access your personal profile,or do most anything else that your registration status allows. When you are logged in you can get to the “Dashboard” by clicking on the “Site admin” label under the “Meta” label on the front page. From the “Dashboard” you get to the main page by clicking on the site name at the upper left of the page.=================================================Please use and enjoy the board. Remember this is a “G” rated site. Obscene or vulgar posts or comments are not welcome here and as such will be removed and the contributors may be barred or have privileges removed. Please be respectful of the opinions of others. You don’t have to agree with them,just respect their rights to have a different opinion no matter how wrong you consider them to be.=================================================Information published on this site reflects the opinion of its individual author only,and not necessarily that of members,or administrators of this board.