Avatars / Gravatars

    An Avatar or a Gravatar is a small picture that appears with the name of users of blogs,bulletin boards and the like.  The GarlandGOP.com site uses Gravatars,or globally recognized avatars,and they must be submitted to gravatar.com to become visible here.

    Each gravatar is submitted to match with your e-mail address and any blog site/bulletin board that you use with that same e-mail address will display your same gravatar.  You do not even have to have the same log-on name on the different blogs for it to work,you only have to use the same e-mail address on them.   Neat huh!

    To do so simply go to http://www.gravatar.com and sign up with them.  Use any log-in name you like,but you must use the same e-mail address as you use here.  Then you will get the opportunity to enter a small picture,symbol,or image to use as your personal graphic identifier.  It can be your picture,a drawing by your 7 year old,or your favorite pet,but it will identify you to people who see your posts or comments.