Entering New Posts

    A new member who has been upgraded to “contributor” status,is eligible to enter new posts.  In order to do so you must log in using your log-on name and password and you will find yourself at the “Dashboard”.  Under the little house symbol at the upper left corner of the page is a label “Posts” and under that is the options available.  To enter a new post you will click on the “Add New” label and the editor page will appear.

    The first thing that you should do to create an new post  is enter a title at the small pale block at the top of the page.  It is right under the words “Add New Post”.  The second thing to do is to properly label your post for its intended purpose.  Go to the right side of the page and scroll down until you find the label “Categories”.  Pick the most appropriate category for your post and click on the block for it entering a check mark.  Please go down to the “Uncategorized” category and remove the check mark from it.   Now go down to the bottom of the Editor page and on the left side you will see two check box under the label “Discussion”.  If this is a post where you think it would be appropriate for people to enter comments,then put a check mark in the “Allow Comments on This Post” line.

    Now it is time to go back to the top and enter the text of your post.  You will note a number of icons that indicate options for editing.  Move your cursor over the icons and it will indicate what that option does.  This is a simple editor window that will allow you to enter text,format it into paragraphs as well as insert pictures,video,or music.  You can enter a list of items or align the text to the right,left,or center of the page.  There is a “More” box that allows you to separate the post into two sections.  A short section that will introduce your post followed by the “More” tag will result in a page that will show the introduction and then invite the reader to click on a link to see the rest of the article.

    The use of the “More” tag will make a list of posts much more readable.  Otherwise when readers are looking through a number of posts they will see a confusing long single page where it is really hard to find the things the he wants to read.  The next to the last item on the first list of editor options is one that looks a bit like a computer screen.  This will toggle the editor into full screen mode allowing you to see more of the total of what you are writing.  At the end of the line of icons at the top of the editor is one to “Show or Hide the Kitchen Sink”.  This simply turns on or off the second line of editor options as you desire.

    You are even able to cut and paste from other documents to create your Post.  You should find the editor to be relatively simple to use and easy to understand,especially  if you are familiar with other computer editors or word processors.  Please make use of the spell checker.  It is controlled by the little icon that shows “ABC” over a check mark and is just to the right of the “more” tag. It will highlight with a dotted red underline for words that it thinks are misspelled.  If you click on the word with the right mouse button it will give you suggestions as to correctly spelled words you might have intended.

    After entering your new post there is a couple of things left to do.  Just below the text box where you enter your information there is a label “Excerpt”.  This is for a short introduction that will summarize your post.  It appears in some places to introduce your post to the readers.  If you do not fill this in the program will just take the first 40 or so words as a summary.

    Once you are finished you must then go to the “Publish” section at the upper right of the screen and tell the system to save,preview,or publish your post.  You can save it as a “Draft” and come back to finish it at a later time.  There is also a “Preview” button in this same section that will allow you to view it as it will appear when published.   The “Preview” button will open a new window to show you how it will appear.  To complete your work you only have to go back to the original window.  “Contributors” will have to submit their finished posts to a “Editor” for review before it will appear on the board where everyone else can see it.  Those with “Author” or higher privileges can click on the “Publish” label when they are sure it is ready for viewing.

    Well,that’s it.  All in all it is pretty easy to enter your information.  Keep in mind everything here can be viewed by people everywhere so make sure what you write here is what you intended.   Keep it simple and upbeat and people will want to read what you have to say.   Enjoy.